Why Essential Oils Are Magical

Lifestyle, Mom Life

When I first heard all about essential oils, I called BS.  It didn’t make sense to me that oils could relieve headaches, or help you sleep, and honestly I rolled my eyes whenever I saw those posts on Instagram and Pinterest. For Christmas a few years back, my Mom bought me a starter kit* of […]

February 17, 2018

Travel // Paris is Always a Good Idea

Europe, France, Travel

It should be no surprise that Paris is one of my favorite cities, but when my Mom planned Spring Break trips for us to the city of lights during elementary and middle school, I have to admit, I was less than amused.  My friends were all going to Florida, or Myrtle Beach, and Europe just […]

February 9, 2018

New Mama Must-Haves

Lifestyle, Mom Life

Motherhood is 10% luck and 90% trial and error.  It seems like every blog you read, and every Mom you talk to will have advice (solicited, or otherwise!) on the products they loved and hated, and what did and did not work for them.  Even though I’m about to be one of those Mommy Bloggers, […]

January 25, 2018

Travel // Flying Solo With Baby

Mom Life, Travel

The thought of taking a long-haul flight with an infant can be SO very intimidating and have you questioning if your travel plans are worth the hassle.  With all the international travel we’ve been doing lately, and the lessons we’ve learned along the way, I’ve compiled some of my tips to prepare for success!  With […]

January 9, 2018

Travel // Our 2018 Travel Bucket List

Europe, Travel, Travel

How can 2017 be coming to a close already?  It seems like only months ago we touched down in Germany to start our expat adventure, and even with all of the amazing adventures and our new addition, it feels like the time has flown by!  As we reflect on the wonderful places we’ve visted, and […]

December 30, 2017

Ski Trips with Baby…Dumb or Doable?


When my husband suggested we go on a ski trip with our 5 month old daughter (and no babysitter), I thought he had lost his mind.  “We are parents now! We have responsibilities! We can’t just go off skiing anymore, it’s not possible!”  In retrospect I sounded crazy myself, but I guess we were just […]

December 29, 2017

36 Hours in Prague…with a Baby

Eastern Europe, Europe, Travel

Prague seems to be a favorite European city for anyone who has been, but is it really worth the hype?  This year marked the first year we were not with family for Thanksgiving, so our little family made the most of the long weekend and packed up for a trip.  We had collected quite a […]

December 15, 2017