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Mom Life, Pregnancy / Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

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Self admittedly, I used to have a major obsession with subscription boxes.  It started small with Birchbox, and straight up exploded with PopSugar MustHave.  I dabbled in StitchFix, but absolutely loved LeTote.  With the business of moving coupled with preparing for Olivia, I sadly paused my subscriptions to prepare for this new season of life.  Until…

I found out that 1.) LeTote ships to APO, and 2.) They opened a new box of maternity fashion!!!  Ya’ll.  For a girl who loves new outfits, and shopping in general, moving to a new country (with very little shopping compared to what I was used to, let alone maternity!) was a major blow.

In the US there are so many fabulous options for Mamas with changing bodies, but where we are stationed here in DE we have H&M, and a small, almost non-existant, corner of the store with a tiny section of maternity wear.  I am traditionally a woman with *a closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear*, but when I was pregnant — I literally had NOTHING TO WEAR!  *If you’ve ever witnessed a hormonal pregnant woman who feels like crap in everything she puts on, you know this is code red, danger zone.

So, for a work trip back to the States at 7 months preggo, I ordered a LeTote of maternity friendly business attire… and it changed the game.  I didn’t feel like a hippo wearing ill-fitting harem pants, but a (slightly wider) version of my normal self.

I continued to order totes during my trip, and into my 9th month (however after that I did pause again, because at that point I didn’t feel like leaving the house, let alone getting dressed).  LeTote as always had amazing styles, but their maternity wear is *high five emoji, 100 emoji*.  Comfortable and on trend, with so many options to fit your style and body type.

A few of my favorite LeTote Maternity Pieces

Post-pregnancy with LeTote has been amazing as well.  As my body continues to change and the baby weight comes off, I’m not super into dropping a fortune on clothes that will be no use to me in a matter of weeks/months.

Items I loved Post-Pregnancy (Literally LIVED in the Free People High Wasit Leggings)

Since I’ve worked from home for the past 3 years, a majority of my totes have historically been Athleisure wear (there is a whole section dedicated to this style on the site!), I also love not having to keep a ton of workwear in my closet.  If I know I have a conference or work trip, I’ll just schedule a tote with seasonal styles and either pack it in my bag, or have it delievered to my destination.  SO easy.

So here are the deets:

For $59/month, I can pick staple pieces and wear them until I’m ready to change out for a new set of 4 items.  Unlike other style subscriptions, you can actually wear (and buy at a discounted price if you fall in love!) the items you select.  Yes, you can actually select the items you want to wear (it’s not a guessing game anymore!)

You can wear and exchange as many totes as you want in one month.  With their 2-day shipping in the US I could usually get 2-3 totes per month, however with APO it takes around 1 week, so I usually get 1, maybe 2 per month now.

There are a variety of different subscription options.

Maternity: 3 clothing items + 2 accessories for $69/month -or- 4 clothing items for $79/month

Classic: 4 clothing items for $59/month -or- 5 clothing items + 3 accessories for $79/month

Clearly I loved LeTote throughout my pregnancy, but I initially got hooked with their classic box, and it’s been fabulous for vacations and special events.  It’s so easy to pick a cute summer dress for a bridal shower, or a jumper for spring break. The brands are great as well, and include names like Free People, Nike, Ripe, Ingrid and Isabel, BB Dakota, French Connection, Levi’s, etc. etc.

As a special bonus for AlwaysUs readers, LeTote has given me a link so that ya’ll can try 1 month FREE!

Head to —>

If you try LeTote, drop me a note and let me know what pieces you’re loving!

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