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Africa, Travel, Travel / Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

In the weeks leading up to our trip to Marrakesh I was in a tizzy about what to pack not only for myself, but for the whole fam.  I researched, I pinned, I gathered as much information as I could, so that we could enjoy our trip worry free (at least in terms of avoiding any cultural mishaps based on what we were wearing!).

As you may imagine a general sense of modesty is key, especially for female travelers.  As a primarily an Islamic nation, the local dress is modest.  Although the Moroccan people are very welcoming to tourists, by covering up you’re showing respect for the culture and people (and potentially avoiding unwanted attention).

Springtime is perfect for a visit to Marrakesh, and allows for lots of flexibility in fashion!  Layering was vital, and I spent the weekend in maxi dresses, a classic denim jacket.  I also love this great jumpsuit from Target which was perfect for our excursion to the Atlas Mountains.  Although we were warm during the day as we cruised the Medina (70-80° F), it was much cooler in the mountains and we were glad to have the extra layers!

Tyler opted for pants over shorts, as long pants are most common for men throughout Morocco.  Collared shirts are also a great packable item, and are super convertible from day to night.  Sleeveless t-shirts should not be worn, yet standard tees are fairly common (mostly among travelers).

For the babe, we brought this sunhat from Amazon (that I had in my cart and completely spaced out until 2 days before our flight and THANKFULLY was able to buy from a local Mama on our local B/S/T page).

Sunscreen and bug spray are also key, and this set has great ratings for little ones gentle skin.  Shop: Here and Here.

If your little one is mobile, make sure to pack some good full coverage shoes (with lots of dirt, I highly recommend some that are washable)!  I loved these crepe rompers for Livy (SO cute, easy for changes, and very affordable), and picked up a super cute baby jean jacket to layer.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen our Ergo in tons of our pictures from this trip.  We absolutely loved the Ergo for keeping Livy close, and it was the real MVP of every outfit!  *As a side note, it’s about $55 off retail price on Amazon right now.  RUN!

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What are your must-pack items?  I’m always on the lookout for a great travel outfit 😉

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