Pregnancy // Registering for Baby #2

Mom Life, Pregnancy / Thursday, September 13th, 2018

As we plan for the next addition to our growing family, I’m putting together the must-haves we’ve selected for our *baby sprinkle* baby registry!

Just as we did for Olivia, I’m using an registry to utilize their 15% completion discount, $100 in free diapers and wipes (which basically got us through the first 2 months!) and the new capability to add to my Amazon Baby Registry from any site.  Click HERE to start your registry at

A baby registry for a second child, you say?  Why not?  Although we do have many of the must have items we’ve saved from Olivia’s early days, these little gals will only be 16 months apart (meaning Olivia isn’t quite done with her nursery items just yet!).  As they’re birthdays will be seasonally opposite, a lot of the clothing items we saved from Olivia won’t quite match up for our new addition and we’ll be stocking up on lots of itty bitty winter gear for our late November (hopefully!) baby.  It’s also important to us to celebrate the life of this little miracle just as we did for Miss Olivia, and welcome her into the world with some special goodies of her own (and a few to make life with 2 under 2 a bit easier on Mom and Dad!).  At the end of the day, this registry gives our friends and family a guide of what we need and want for our little ones should they choose to send gifts, and the 15% completion discount means we’ll be saving on the items we purchase on our own!  Win-win 😊

Two of (Almost) Everything // With Olivia is still using most of her nursery items, we are going to need duplicates of just about everything you would normally be able to re-use for baby #2.  I love the changing pad (as well as pad covers!) and have them already added to the registry.  We’ll be buying this fabulous Ikea crib locally (the same we have for Olivia!) and these crib sheets are perfect!

Similar Crib: HERE (under $160 for crib AND mattress!)

Bottles // Olivia absolutely loved the Munchkin Latch bottles, and since we have plenty of these left, we’re really hoping that our next LO will love them too.  We found that we never had enough bottles and were constantly doing dishes, so for this time around I’m doubling up and increasing our stock.  This is a great set (comes with pump adapters and additional nipple sizes!!)

Sleep and Plays // I am a firm believer that you can’t have enough sleep and play’s (especially zip-ups!).  We have some really cute snap styles for Livy, but never want to use them because they take so long!  Especially now that she’s mobile, it’s like herding cats trying to get her ready for bed.  We need more zips!  I love these girl zip ups from Target (and these dino PJ’s!) This set is an absolute MUST since we’re obsessed with Carter’s.  Here’s a great gender neutral or boy set at a fabulous price!

Stroller Accessories // When shopping around for a stroller while I was pregnant with Olivia, we loved the features of the Uppababy Vista and it’s flexibility to convert to a double stroller when the time came.  I am SO glad we made this decision!  There are still accessories we’ll need to buy to convert her to a double (adapters, car seat, +1 rumble seat), but I’m so happy to not have to give my daily stroller up for a new double.

Double Jogging Stroller // Since I’ve been religiously active in our local stroller strides classes, I’m going to be trading in my (absolutely wonderful and only slightly used!) jogging stroller, for a double.  The reviews for both the BOB Revolution Pro and the Thule Urban Glide are both amazing and come highly recommended!

White Noise Machine // We never bought a sound machine for Livy, and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve regretted this!  We’ve gotten by with a fabulous App on all of our devices*, however I am still kicking myself on not having a stationary machine.  For the next babe, we’re doubling up and getting one for each of the little one’s bedrooms!  I love this home and travel white noise set, and it’s totally got a place on our second registry!  (The app we use is called Sound Machine, and I searched Marpac white noise in the app store)

Jellycat Stuffed Toys // Olivia loves her Jellycat stuffed bunnies, and I love how cute and soft they are (not to mention how they go with our nursery!)  For Babe #2, I’m getting the same style, but different colors than Olivia’s grey/white mix.  I’m loving the beige and pink combo!

Hands-Free Bottle Holder // With our very active little Livy, I know I’m going to need all of the free hands I can get!  I really wanted this bottle holder during Liv’s first few months, but never pulled the trigger.  Definitely on our list for #2!

UppaBaby Bassinette Stand // I am still SO happy we decided to spring for the Uppababy Vista, and I’m really looking forward to utilizing the Bassinet for travel with the new babe (and not have to pack – or ask hotels- for two pack and plays).  This stand will be great for packing in the car, as well as keeping in our in-law suite for Grandparent visitors 😉

Second time Mama’s – What were your second babe must haves (especially for 2 under 2!)?  Share in the comments!

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8 Replies to “Pregnancy // Registering for Baby #2”

  1. My girls are 22 months apart so I saved most items from the first, but there were just a few more things I needed. To keep it simple, we asked for diapers, wipes, and giftcards, but a registry would’ve been great for those family members who just can’t resist buying gifts. And also, double strollers are life!

  2. When I was pregnant with my daughter we had a baby registry at target and Walmart and we blessed with so much stuff. Since we didn’t plan on having another one we end-up giving all the extra stuff away to other people that in need to baby stuff.

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